Personal Credit Tips

Personal Credit Tips

Who owns account in Bank or is customer in Financials have several credit operations available. By opting for one of the many financial operations, it is possible to acquire cars, furniture, real estate, consumer goods, make dreams and realize personal goals. To get personal credit and get enough cash on loan, you need to consider some aspects that are imperative when you apply for them. Check out the most important credit tips below: for an assessment

1 -) See what is the amount of the monthly installment that you can pay, without compromising the planning of your family budget. Consider also the interest rate of the loan, which interferes with this amount and is often overlooked when hiring a personal credit operation.

2) Be aware of the deadline. It can also interfere with the interest rate that will be applied when hiring personal credit.

3 -) Do loan simulations to choose the best installment. Through telephone or financial internet sites with loan simulators, you can make some credit operations virtualised before negotiating with the institution. This makes it easier to program or even choose the type of credit that best fits your situation and profile.

4 -) Always keep a reserve of money for the end of the month. To do this, include in your budget the amount of the personal credit installment and if possible reserve an amount for last-minute emergencies. Your reservation can be applied in the savings account or in some financial investment. Check the best alternative with your manager.

5 -) Calculate how much time you will need the money, assessing your real need.

6 -) Make comparisons in the market to get the best personal credit solution or loan.

7 -) To use credit responsibly, ask yourself what you intend to do with the money is really important. It is interesting not to get credit for the reaction of stimuli contrary to your will (consumerism).

8 -) Be sure of your actual expenses before assuming the new appointment. If it is really necessary, see if this new expense can be directly deducted from your income by means of consignments or INSS benefits if you are Retired or Pensioner of the INSS.

9 -) Never accept forced placement of products (married sale) when obtaining credit and financing. You are not required to acquire something you do not want.

10 -) Look out for advantageous offers made on the streets, on the internet or by phone via call centers. Before signing any contract to obtain personal credit , make sure the suitability of the company that is offering such products and the veracity of the information provided.

Stay tuned, to the next personal credit tips that we will be posting.