Loan for Entrepreneurial Women

Loan for Entrepreneurial Women

It is becoming increasingly evident that women do not want to stay at home taking care of their children, even that thought sounds like a bit macho. The fact is that with each passing year more women are rolling up their sleeves and entering the world of commerce and entrepreneurship. 

According to recently published surveys, women are taking more credit than men are also requesting more financial resources to start or expand their business projects and businesses. Women finance 10-15% more than men in microcredit modalities for new investments.

In the institutions there are lines of loans for women who already have small businesses or for those who wish to start their activities in commerce. Loan lines are meant to leverage their ventures with amounts that vary according to the profile, but the ceiling amounts to $ 15,000 at first.

Crediterion is one of the banks that are at the forefront of this type of incentive and in Brazil the womanate finds many programs directed exclusively to them. In the financial market, support for female entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with the National Policy on Productive-Oriented Microcredit, the interesting part of this program is interest rates, they cost around 0.90% to 3.0% per month, with an average of 2% and deadlines of up to 24 installments to reimburse payments.

The resources are released for women who undertake and also to assist in the formation of new ventures, it is worth mentioning that the request of the loaned money can be contracted in any region of the Brazilian territory.

“The amount released can be used to start a small business or to expand businesses are already in full operation and need an extra gas (money) to grow”

The funds for women entrepreneurs already exist in several countries of the world, here in Brazil, thanks to these micro-credit incentives, women are becoming more fit for business and becoming a work force and consequently increasing employment positions in the country.

Generally, partnerships are created with local municipalities to promote employment and income generation. Microcredit lending is one way to help small and formal businesses develop.