Strategies for faster loan repayment

Zero budget strategy A zero budget is a budget that includes every euro cent earned – every cent is counted in a budget plan category, leaving no penny to spend on unplanned spending. Having a zero-budget strategy does not lead to situations where the rest of the money is spent, for example, on food, clothes, […]


Retirement Years Without Loans

  Ttypes of loans Achieving adulthood, studying, starting a job, establishing a family – this is the time when it is often necessary to take on credit. Different types of loans are used, ranging from quick loans, which have to be repaid within a month, to mortgage loans required for home purchase or construction, so […]


What to do Before Taking a Consolidation Loan

CONSOLIDATING CREDIT The consolidation loan is to combine our previous commitments. We are considering taking a consolidation loan in a situation where we already have several loans. This is not our first loan, but only the opportunity to improve our financial situation and the opportunity to get out of debt and not generate further costs. […]

Debt consolidation

Useful loan?

Whether or not the credit, the service is good or bad, we could discuss for a long time and deliberately, but this time I will try to show where the loan really helps people and where without such a service it would not be possible to do the same things that it allows. Of course, […]


Companies can deduct the debts of the Administration

Cristóbal Montoro, Minister of Finance (LV) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Whatsapp 0 > 11/20/2015 01:49 | Updated at 11/20/2015 02:55 Related topics VAT IBI IRPF Tax agency European Comission European Union As the end of the year approaches, companies and citizens adjust their strategies as taxpayers to try to make the […]